Our Leather

Our Materials

Our Premium Leather and Nubucks are taken from the most valuable part of the hide to ensure the quality of our shoes is unwaveringly first class. We only use Full Grain Leather to give our shoes the greatest durability and sleek look. Grain leather is the most expensive, it's fibers are dense, tight and firm while providing an incredibly smooth surface.

Full Grain Aniline

A leather which has kept it's full grain, it has a naturally textured full pored surface. The deep aniline coloring is achieved with dyes. It may or may not have a thin transparent finishing coat. This leather is of the highest quality and comes at a premium. Only flawless skins undergo such a treatment. These leathers darken well with age, ensuring our shoes have incredible longevity.


The velvety appearance of this leather is obtained by a light buffing of the skin which highlights the grain and the pores of the leather. It's a very tactile material, soft to the touch with velvety colours, proper care is essential to ensure your shoes retain their vibrance. Lighter colours such as the Alberto require the highest quality raw materials.